Thursday, November 26, 2015

Quenching Thursday's thirst

Actually the whole process of arriving at a pleasing whole has been challenging but...

While the little artists spent some time with their Grand Dad who had an old western to show them I added the finishing touches to my examples.

Jolina lost interest in chasing bank robbers and arrived to put buttons and one more flower on.  She likes to spread the matt medium on and it gets kinda thick but texture is good.  ;^)  She also likes to add circles with round lids.
Jolina is all about the world's creatures and plants.
We rubbed apricot Inka Gold all over the fairy to subude her garishness and then Eliana glitzed things up to her satisfaction.  The final outlining and embellishing proceeded after a good nights sleep and the bank robbers were finally dealt with.

Always a challenge to work with this one as she has definite ideas about what she wants ('much' more is better)  but tears result from her high standards.  I had to be discreet with my touch ups to her hair, etc.! :O  So its a balancing act to let her do it but have it 'beautiful'.  phew, she was happy.

Eliana and her super hero faerie!
I must admit I hated to see a full sized paper print plastered down on this canvas.  But Josh is thrilled.  After working on the others I hit on the idea to soften the printer paper edges and Josh agreed to try it.  He wanted words and two colours of foam letters were camouflaged  with acrylic blue.  The next morning brought only a few more finishing touches.

With this one less is best.  It is 'perfecto' at every stage.  I told him to date and sign it on the back.

Joshua's seascapes.
And then it was time to take all the new creations away to their new home.  They were suitably  greeted with ooohs and awes.

I finished up my day with with a long meander through the book store and a lovely coffee.  And a reminder to myself that I need them to come make art on a one at a time basis.  ;^)  After all, a great thirst can be quenched with small regular sips!


Jo Ferguson said...

You are so right......small, regular sips.

Createology said...

It is such a joy to read your stories that regale ar with the Littles. Each canvas is truly a work of HeArt and each precious Litle Artist should feel very proud of their masterpiece. Great Job Gramma Elle. You certainly have a lot more patience than I my friend. You are making Priceless Memories and YOU should feel very proud.

Anonymous said...

very nice blog dear