Friday, July 3, 2009

If boys have toys...

do girls have curlers???

I don't think so. I have ordered a free DVD from the Dremel web site that is gonna tell me all about this handy dandy tool that is apparently a 'must have' for serious mixed media artists. I'm kinda excited/scared. I can do serious damage with hubby's hammer and if I can't find a screw driver the hammer is sometimes just as useful, but probably not for this artsy stuff. :0

I did buy a cute little tool kit from the scrapbooking shop but I need to take it back and ask them what it is I exactly bought and how it works. lol I am still sorting stuff and I'm gathering my supplies together. I'm into old photos, epherma and memorabilia now. I have made a spot for wrapping paper and ribbons. But it seems ya have to make a mess to clean up a mess. Oh, well. I'm starting to see bare floor and spots on the work table surface.

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