Friday, July 31, 2009

Thinking outside the box

In this case it would be outside the electrical box!
My dearie needed to go to the city so I leaped into the truck with my list. My focus for the house is the master bedroom. We have small rooms, plaster walls and two electrical outlets per room. The head board is on a low knee wall. We read in bed and there is no night table on my side but a plug is kinda close. The hubby's side has a low dresser but no plug. I need wall mounted lights that swivel. So I had finally located them a6t Canadian Tire and yes, we can adapt them to lamp cords with in line switches and hide the power bar under the bed. I also got the hardware for the bookcases so I can get the shelves in place as soon as the weather clears so I can finish painting them. The four botanical pictures are calendar pages I especially bought for framing. I have four in dark wood frames in the front room and now I have these four in white. BUT! 8^( The darn foot board cuts right across them when I lie in bed so I will change them to three across. I shoulda made the units six inches taller and then the pictures could have hung higher. Oh well, live and learn and die dumb! lol Things really are coming along well though.
I am thinking ahead to the sewing room and got a couple of boards for some wall shelves above the sewing counter. I'm making happy noises. I think I also found the right colours for the upstairs paints. It is from a brochure on kid's rooms. But why should they have all the 'kewl' colours?

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