Thursday, July 30, 2009

Making things fit

The word adapt is "to fit" (something for a purpose). It is to undergo modification so as to fit new circumstances. That's my life. Adapting! There always seems to be something that requires a little detour sign. I am happy to say that with the focus for the day figured out I at least have a destination to head for after the detour rejoins the main road again. This week there are 3 sections of detours and that doesn't even include the weather.


Silvia said...

Hi Elle,

I am German, living in a small Turkish village.
I know the feeling of trying to hit the main road again. I learnd to use a "target-jeep" that climbs mountains and can go over stones and through creeks heading on to find back to the plane road. But that makes my life more interesting and keeps me "fit".

elle said...

Wow, I can't imagine the kinds of detours that you face but I bet you are well fitted for an interesting life. Thanks for commenting!
Bless you, Elle