Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shelter belts

I've been out and about a lot and I'm noticing the shelter belts out on the prairie. Many are old abandoned farm sites with a few straggly trees around the perimeter of the site. The wind does a number on the trees and sometimes they are hard to even get established. Many of the rows are just one kind of tree. When I drive by areas of bush I see much more diversity.

I think that diversity is also needed in gardens. I'm planting our wind breaks in clumps rather than rows with various levels. Upper story of several trees, middle ground of small trees or tall shrubs, some accent shrubs for the understory and then close to the yard I add perennials and ground covers. They are happy to help each other and I think things remain healthier.

I do wonder about those old abandoned sites, some with crumbling sheds and windowless houses. What if...

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