Tuesday, July 7, 2009

So creative

Wish it was sew creative but my Dh has been watching all the organizing and now wants his own room. ??? A knock down, drag em out fight got me to offer him the best closet in the house. No? Another go 'round and I allowed him the guest room if he agreed to keep a single guest bed. My attitude definitely needed adjusting as I envisioned the warehouse look with his talk of roll away cot and folding work table. awk! But I hauled Everything out! This has caused logistic problems all over. But I've been pleasantly surprised as he gathers what he wants. First was an old cupboard we got at an auction sale. Gee, no room for big table. That's too bad! This may actually be good. 8^) I'm rising to the challenge of making a guest room with office capabilities.

So no sewing today but I did dig out the paint cans and my creative juices are flowing better than some of this old paint. lol But I really do need to get a baby quilt done this week so I shall be stealing some time from some other endeavor.

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