Friday, July 24, 2009

Little quilties

I had taken a class that had us making little quilts, stacking, cutting, shuffling and resewing them. They didn't look like art to me, they looked just like their discription. But I really liked the Bali fabric I'd begun with. Another challenge to make a quilted shape had me drag them all back out to see if I could use one to make a shape. As I was fooling around I started to get a background that I could live with. The colour wheel gave a clue for a dimensional shape, a leaf. A necklace helps me see some beading at the bottom. This could be the beginning of an art quilt. I am off to the big city with a list that will include some beads, especially a few leaf ones.

hmm, what if I did some stamping as well? oooh, what if one thing leads to another? 8^)

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