Sunday, July 26, 2009

The week in review

I'm rather liking the focus for the day. Things don't always go as planned but it helps me see where I need to go next. My long suffering hubby has been looking at the menu or lack there of and I was actually one step ahead of him. I do like to eat but the mechanics of food is not high on my desirable list. So I'm thinking I could add it to Thursdays with the reward/carrot being a fun art night and perhaps a snack treat.
I took a learning style quiz and I am a visual/nonverbal learner. The good news is that this category of learners has an artistic side that likes visual art and design. Hence the graphics I luv to add. I am a huge fan of colour coded office supplies. I like things pretty! But the learning strategy recommends I translate words and ideas as much as possible into symbols, pictures, and diagrams. It almost makes me wanna go back to school! 8^)
So when I look at the week I see a calendar. I see me quilting, me gardening, me reading, me, ah, well, at least looking like a cook and then I see a jumble of stuff laid out on my cutting table, then me cleaning house and I'm making happy noises 'cause I like cleaning. Now Saturday strategy sees me as a secretary, stacks of coloured files, pens and pencils sharp and at the ready; fancy daytimer WITH my initials, surrounded by office sounds! Then my dearie bursts into my dream with a folded serviette as his list and spitting out "just do it"! Need I mention that we are opposites. He is auditory. But I bet I have more fun! <>
But we won't compare accomplishments. I'm sure the problem is a daytimer that is the wrong colour!

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