Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Doubling the Triple F

What fun to have focused on my challenge, fiddled for what seemed like forever and then actually finished it! Now I have another set of Triple F's to introduce. Friends Flinging Fun!

Blogging certainly introduces one to wonderful new friends. Cheryl, the Naptime Quilter, who I've actually met, helped me start blogging and organizes the Workshop Project which has introduced me to lots of creative bloggers. Wednesday's we help one another with design dilemmas. Three Creative Studios combines the talent of 3 gals, Terri, Sue and Vicki who are super willing to share and encourage. Judi at Approachable Art plays with paper and fabric and encourages lots of experimentation. She suggested trying to rust fabric which was the basis for my challenge and a whole new way of being creative because she makes things approachable. Yvonne over at ink spillers attic invited me over for a peek as she's having a give away. She does mixed media but throws in some fun dolls and I am intrigued by dolls. Do I have time for that? I could find time if Trish over at More Notes From the Refrigerator Door gets me Flinging!

So if I fling some complexity and clutter out of my life then I'll have even more time to have fun with my friends! I'm off Thursday morning for some R & R. I'm going to spend some of my travel time thinking about all kinds of ways that I can Focus, Fiddle, Finish, Fling and have Fun with my Friends.



Unknown said...

So glad we met... now we need to meet in person! <3

Wait till you see what I'm doing this week, I think it will give you a giggle.

Createology said...

You sure are good with the F's. Friends, Flinging and Fun sounds like quite the doable challenge. You actually accomplished Four F's last time. Focused, Fiddles, Forever and Finished. Whew! Excellent job elle. Keep Inspiring...