Saturday, February 6, 2010

So far so good!

First the black strip on top of Wind and Water. Sometimes just seeing it in the blog myself helps make a decision.

Rechecking the focus for the dining room caused me to see that the first runner with the bali sashing will be perfect. The square runner would not be as usable as another rectangle so the 9 +1 blocks with no sashing will be for the bottom shelf of the hutch. That'll be great but the middle shelf looked very bare so I quick whipped up 5 more blocks from odds and ends which I did the same but only different. lol I added a vibrant bali. I'm not sure if it needs a strip around the whole outside before binding. The shelf has a plate slot so I can't go too wide.

The floor is fir and the red in it and the camera flash has tinged the blocks way too much. It has also dawned on me I haven't made the backs. I was going to use those leftovers. So top of the list next week is backings and the MQing. But I am thinking I may need to focus on the texture workshop and the TOM. Tonight I have to post my Creative Cue. I upped things a notch by doing watered down acrylics instead of watercolour crayons. I am such a chicken! I could have used a mad scientist or two in my family tree. 8^)

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