Sunday, March 7, 2010

Flinging Friday

My focus this week was my DD and just when I was ready to roll Thursday morning she called asking for me for the day. So Thursday I flung myself into family. And that's okay. But Friday I was ready to leap into action after I spent my usual coffee time doing my 'puter chores. The monitor on my computer crashed, died, and generally fizzled. The blank screen was the proverbial last straw in a rather blank week so I 'de-stressed'! For me that is vacuum at full throttle and 'look out dust bunnies. I particularly attacked the bunnies in our bedroom. I FLUNG! Rather satisfying, I must say. Rather dissatisfying that I only got the closet done. LOL But Fridays are my regular housecleaning day and it was really good to make those happy noises.
Now I need to look at all my photos because the new monitor is showing very different colours than my old dinosaur showed. But the screen is like, doubled! Whoa!
I totally pleased with my new books. Colour Mastery at first glance isn't too revelatory because I have learned to use a colour wheel, but the suggested colour journal/workbook will help me plan my seasonal decor projects. The Journal Spilling has me quite excited because it is loaded with basic pictures and techniques. I am very new to mixed media and directions like, "on your coloured background ..." sends me into a panic. Just like "quilt as desired" stresses new quilters. I also found a Somerset Workshop magazine featuring 4 artists with about 5 projects each. So I'm quite confident I can get a real start instead of just making messes.
I also have been tweaking the playroom. I want to sew standing up. In and up constantly is not only time consuming but in my hurry I am not sitting properly and my hip lets me know it is not thrilled with the quick twists. I should have tweaked to this sooner because when I'm in the kitchen I don't sit to do anything. I am a stander!
So not a lot accomplished but I shall be flinging myself into next week with abandon and watching to see where the plans fall...


Unknown said...

Glad for your new monitor... I use s big flat screen, too, and I love it. And you're supposed to make a mess in mixed-media, it's the name of the game. ;)

Createology said...

Whew! May you have a much more relaxed week ahead. You certainly got a super lot done.