Tuesday, March 2, 2010

If at first...

Last year I made aprons for a cooking class for young kids. It was kind of a sweatshop, assembly line process and frankly if my dear hubby hadn't been prodding and helping, I'd never have made the deadline as I seriously underestimated the time involved. He hasn't been a supervisor for nothing! We made 32 aprons including all the bias tape. This year they want 25 but I only have 2 weeks. So I whipped into the city to get the material today. The body of the aprons will be the blue bali-like fabrics. I'm just making it with the fabric, no room for error. Then I'll trim them with the orange. This is a poor colour reproduction.
When I went to get thread from my sewing machine dealer. Another lady was at the counter picking up some accessories and we were all chatting about her project and an upcoming demo. Somehow I left with her package as well as my own. Double drat; now I have to run all the way back in to the far side of the city. This will make toast of my day as I have an hair cut, a neighbourly visit, the city trip and then a meeting in the evening which is also a good hour to the west.
I've kept from gnashing my teeth with the arrival of an e-mail from the bookstore that my 2 new books are in. Shipping is horrendous so it actually pays my gas and a coffee break to go and pick them up rather than have them shipped. They are in another corner of the city so this'll be a big loop. I suspect that any free time between my arrival home and my evening departure will be perusing my new books. 8^)


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

You sound frustrated and with good cause. I read in the news today that the postal service is suffering and that many post offices are going to be closing. They keep hiking their prices up and no one wants to use them...but they still don't get it. I wonder how the problem can be solved.
Then you have Zappo's. Next day delivery, no postage costs and free returns. FOR a year! So..if they can do it..what's with everyone else? :) Anyway....good subject!

Twisted Quilts said...

Your day is shot! Don't you hate it when things work out so poorly. Oh well, you will have a lot of time while you are driving to think about what you want to work on when you get the time.