Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tangling with Texture

For the remainder of our Common Threads Art Nights we plan on exploring Texture. My page X page challenge was inspired by a little piece I saw over at Approachable Art's blog a few months ago. So I sewed 2 fabrics ,, right sides together. Turned them inside out and closed up the opening, then pleated it. One side was black, the other a black grey astrological fabric. I opened the pleats and spilled bleach down at the seams. Then I washed the little quilt and dried it.

The print fabric didn't change much in the bleaching. The opened pleats didn't really ruffle like I'd hoped and the tangles are ???.

Now I DO have texture!

We had a demo on beading last night and I'm wondering what I could add to this guy to 'enhance' him. The pleats kinda lay down and look less than stellar if I don't keep the nail brush in his sight as a reminder to 'perk up'!

This was quite fun and I need to push the technique a bit to see if I could get it more to my liking.


Unknown said...

Oh, Ellen, nice job!! Don't you love the thread schmutz or is it driving you crazy! I love your results and what a neat idea, to use bleach with it!!!

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

Lol. That is serious texture.

I love the experimental aspect of the project, though. I think doing something like that has the potential to be mind-opening in unexpected ways.