Monday, March 29, 2010

The fresh breath of Spring

I pulled down the winter curtains, whipped off the bedding and started the spring season off with a quick bang. These curtains are repurposed white damask cotton from my Aunt's German feather ticks. I removed the button openings and took out the side seams. It is one very long piece of gorgeous fabric. There are 2 in each set and I have a pink set and a lovely white with some thin coloured stripes. Lots of options but I've started with the white ones. They have a lovely weight to them. The pale green bedspread stopped me dead in my tracks at the thrift store. (Now I can join others with their wonderful stories of great finds for a few dollars.) The fresh breeze (aka Strong Wind) that blows on the prairies is already billowing them out and swirling throughout the house. Look out dust bunnies! I feel 'pumped'!
I do need to focus on my daughter's curtains. She brought me the sheer fabric she had bought and said "help"! I said %#*&*# (to myself) and they are going to be done this week or....well, they are just going to be done!
Tonight is Common Threads and a free night so I'm going to start making improvisational blocks for the 'Liberated Quilts' I want to do come fall. What with all the talking and "Oh, come see..." I figure these are something I can have as an ongoing easy free form project that won't suffer too much from the ADD syndrome.

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Unknown said...

Ellen, your photos of your home, and your descriptions of it, make me long to just sit quietly in those rooms for a little while. Absolutely lovely and ethereal.