Friday, March 26, 2010

Sometimes I do know...

what I am doing!

I almost sent the newly acquired bedspread back post haste! It reminded me of the wine coloured 50's couch my mum had while I was growing up. But I thought I should not be hasty. I am not sure any of my curtains will work with it but it could be very cozy and rich in the bedroom for the winter.

Then on a whim I dragged it downstairs as I often use these quilted whole cloth spreads on the round table. Whoa! It matches the fruit in the big area rug. It is very close, if not right on, with the painted hutch. Definitely a keeper!

So that wraps up the winter decor. The plan has been documented and I can hit the winter season running when the snow returns.

The new leaf you hear turning will be spring and that will include a fresh decor and also some fresh resolutions to keep the Triple F formula front and centre and foremost.


Jan Hennings said...

Beautiful photo and we just have a bit of snow to get rid of and then we can turn the new leaf to Spring, too :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

All I am going to do is put away all the afghans.. :) Changed my fireplace screen and bring out the silk flowers...that's about it. (A new bedspread...yes, I would like that!) :)