Friday, March 12, 2010


Well, I'm back to home deco for Friday.

The downstairs hall is our main entrance from the front veranda. I am so glad that I eliminated the tiny side entrance that brought everyone into a small landing that went down to the basement or up into the kitchen. When we sided the house we closed it over. Now everyone comes in the front door.

The entrance hall is actually fairly big. The stairway is partially open and one of the small windows lets light in. No closet but I have some coat hooks. My mum's old cedar chest acts as a bench seat and until I get around to refinishing it I cover it with a quilt, toss a couple of pillows on it and I'm good to go. Actually even refinished the quilt will still add some softness to the hallway. The opposing stairway wall has a long chest high bookcase with a mirror over it to bounce more light around.

I have a collaged wall quilt for the winter season. So the cranberry will be the accent here with a variety of the greens. I'm thinking a square in a square block but in a rectangular format.

That is the plan but the actual job for today is to quickly fling 27 things out of my dresser drawer and then tackle the CC's, the BOM, the TOM and the page x page art quilt that are due by Monday.
So this bird is flinging herself off the roost and into action!

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