Wednesday, March 24, 2010

On the road again!

This week I am scheduled for something every day but today! But I've now decided to go back to my daughter's little city and get some things I left behind.

I never got to the LQS yesterday to check out the orange fabric selection. This is risky but I'm hoping for only one or two fabrics! I have a plan for them.
A brief stop a Liquidation World turned up a picture that I 'must have'! There were a couple of strings of seaside trinkets that went with the seaside look of the picture. Then there was an easel and frame set up that could hold wonderfully the mixed media challenges I'm wanting to do and be able to display.

Last but not least was the grandson. I had a full car and it didn't work for him to come home with me. But his parents have an appointment in my town tomorrow so I could keep him overnight till that is done. As his mum says, he is always up for an adventure! I don't want to be playing favorites so here is the big brother and my fellow adventurer.

I have also been doing some traveling with my thoughts. My biggest creative outlet has been my home as I change the decor thru the seasons. I quite enjoy making up vignettes and because I can never remember what I did things are always changing. It takes most of each season to accomplish what I want because I'm making quilts, or curtains, or pillows, placemats, etc..
But I am also changing and I have a very long list of creative things that I want to do that involved fibre arts and mixed media and not pillows, etc. I don't think I'm going to have time for all these deco projects. At least not in the same way as I have in the past. The house has always been an ongoing 'work in progress'. And I'm ready for it to be done, I think. This is because I never quite finish things and I'm always starting over every season. But I have a binder with a basic plan and colour swatches, themes, and to-do lists. I'm learning to stay focused. So...
As I go thru this year's seasons I'm going to be thinking 'quick tweaking' to the main focus as opposed to ever changing and evolving projects (fiddling). I'm also seeing the value of 'flinging' and if I edit a lot of the cheap options I've gathered over time and go with 'less is more' I can better find the 'good stuff', fiddle for a week and then be finished and on to my fun challenges.
So April 1st is when I begin Spring and I'll be really springing into action as I travel on the new Focused Highway. And I will be looking for that Fool guy who'd be wanting to trip me up!


Twisted Quilts said...

If you are riding that motorcycle I can see why there isn't room for that sweet boy. I might tie him on the top rather than leave him behind. I would love to get into "flinging" this spring. I walk around my house and it seems so cluttered.

Createology said...

How fun and sounds like you have a great plan. Lots to do and most of all enjoy your grandson. He is quite handsome - but you already know that. :o) Happy creating...

CitricSugar said...

I am officially in love with your grandson.