Saturday, March 20, 2010

A third time for Friday

Who'd have thought it would take 3 days of Friday to get the vacuum put away!
I can see why directions are sometimes optional. Board A and B look the same on the diagram but when I got to step 3 and board B I found they were not so this is where mild swearing starts! 8^) Then I did go for pliers because there are 2 sizes of dowels. No swearing, I was too worried I'd not get them exchanged. Amazingly, it took all afternoon. Now I do have some extra parts left over and I can explain most of them. They are options I chose to disregard as I didn't want it attached to the wall. But the 4 screws rather haunt me because I recall seeing some holes that made no sense. oops! But it looks sturdy. I haven't actually stood on it and should the need arise that I have to, well, I hope there is some kind of flash back! LOL
Form rates higher on my priority list than function. So this must be pretty. I shall acquire more of the canvas baskets and I'll probably use them as my parts department. This will also be for leftovers from projects. I've seen some very creative uses made of leftovers. Serendipity's they'd be. I'll find a green towel to match the baskets and cover the heat resistant pad.
But it needs to function as well so the power bar needs to be positioned where I can see the light and know its on. I find hooking the ironing cord up keeps it out of the road so the shelf above with the hooks fills form and function. I could paint the shelf periwinkle though! I bought an iron holder to mount to the wall and I'm thinking ugly and hubby is thinking FIRE!!! So that may not happen. I'll try the board I have and if it is wide enough, then I'll get one cut that is the right length. I like the overhang because that gives toe room. I can pull the cupboard ahead a bit if I'm ironing those long lengths that need a place to go. Actually what would make it perfect would be a little drop leaf on the right end to set the iron on as you move the bigger lengths of fabric. I never know where to put it while I do that.
So, I'm kinda pleased with myself but appreciative of hubby's look of dismay when I say I have a quick, little job I need him to do. I am actually making a list of little fixes in here that'll probably end up being a whole day's worth of work. Ah, togetherness! 8^)


Createology said...

Elle what a great job you have done. Extra parts? You can always make art with them. LOL Happy ironing and creating...

Sherrie said...

Oh my goodness. I am just getting back to my computer and I see the sunshine award. I need to go back and say a thank you and check out everybody else. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have you entered in to my giveaway. Thanks.