Friday, April 16, 2010

Lunch is ready

My kitchen is in dire need of renovating. I am really hoping it will happen this year. It has had a few temporary fixes, well, maybe a lot. The main floors all need redoing as well. These IKEA cupboards are at least 25 years old and were reconfigured a couple of years ago. I'm losing doors as you can see but that means you just get more creative. I'm not very tall so I'm not impressed with overhead cabinets and I luv rearranging open shelving. Place mats were just the thing for a quick seasonal change.
Vicki over at Three Creative Studios has an excellent tutorial for 6 place mats and some napkins that is pretty quick and easy. I wanted to make mine reversible because I had some really neat peacocks but I only had enough for 4. I'm pretty pleased with them though.


Vicki W said...

They turned out great!! I love your colors.

Twisted Quilts said...

Great placemats.

Unknown said...

So pretty, elle!! And gawd, that kitchen... it's just lovely.