Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Still Wipping

Super busy weekend. There aren't quite as many roosters trying to wake me up and the hens are looking a little less harried! The sausage patties will be much appreciated for busy summer brunches.

I did get the major part of the spring decor in place and tweaking continues.
And I do believe the hubby out did himself in the meal department for Sunday's dinner.
We had some April Showers on Good Friday and that is totally predictable; kind of a local phenomenon as to the future weather conditions for the next 40 days. We'll see. I can't let the dandelions get ahead of me now that the chooks have stopped looking for early worms. But I do have arks I can make!
Monday night had regular quilting at The Common Threads group. There was lots of talk about the upcoming quilt show and I'm designated to deliver posters to the nearest quilt shops. (That'll bring on some angst as I try to drop and run instead of schmooze and shop I don't need anything, well, maybe some black and whites???) But I did take the ark fabrics to work on after general discussions and ooohs, and ahhs were done. I tried to cut wonky with the predetermined blocks. There wasn't much room to shift the angles. It is a start and I am thinking maybe some hour glass ones next. Then perhaps a row of boats and one should definitely be upside down! 8^) Then I'll need to see if I have anymore focus fabric. Surely both selvedges had arks and I've only found one. Then I could really wonk any additional fabric choices as I've not cut any more fabric. I'm trying to not get too small. I have two quilts to make and I'd like fairly fast. I noticed the black and white dashes so I pulled some of those as options. Maybe checker boards?
That is this week's wip and I also need to be looking at the quilt show wannabe's which were probably all previous wips! oh, dear! The ark will be going into dry dock after tomorrow.


Createology said...

Whew you are one busy lady in the coop! Enjoy your delivery of posters. I know it takes time however enjoy the journey. Happy creating...

Lesly said...

Definitely put one ark upside down! Hilarious!

felicity said...

Ooh I love black and white! A wonky checkerboard row would be great. Have you seen Jan Mullen's book (Cut-Loose Quilts)? She's got some good tips for wonk.