Friday, April 23, 2010

Taking time to think!

I'm not really known for forward planning but this whole blogging business has been so enlightening. I think it is the journal concept that works for me because scribblings in a book don't seem to excite me. I think adding photos really makes me SEE things and I'm willing to examine the consequences of what I've planned and said I'd do.
So I have been thinking an whole week in advance as far as the deco stuff goes. Kitchen place mats done, next will be sitting room; then I think about it thru the week as deco day approaches. I also scatter fabric bundles around as I'm editing.
Facts: The sitting room has big sliding doors to view nature. It is to be a neutral, restful place. Whenever the deck happens it'll be a pass thru for the outdoor eating. It is very connected to the front room. I have saved forever a goodly chunk of a dogwood floral that is destined to be a double wedding ring quilt with solid dogwood arcs for this sitting room. I have two main wall focal points, one in the sitting room and another in the front room which feature a grouping of 4 framed pictures and a wall quilt on a rod. But the quilt is best suited to be over that big black pellet stove in the front room. The 4 pictures then need to be over the small gate leg table in the sitting room.
Fiddling: I have the DWR stash. It is not like the modern fabrics I'm using for the spring look but the front room has a traditional feel to it so it still worksand it has lots of a peachy yellow to it. I have a yellow peachy modern fabric that would work in the sitting room for a runner, pillow or lap quilt. I also have a yellow green and brown modern FQ that I've tried to work in. I also have a lap quilt that is a tone on tone minimalist look to it that I made a few years ago for the spring decor that is currently hanging on the rod above the stove. I've also had the dining table and the soft seating in both rooms but I luv the table and hutch in the bigger front room and the 2 cosy chairs looking out the big window.
Focus: 2 chairs and gate leg table will stay in this smaller sitting room. I'm scrapping the FQ as it is not neutral and the colours lead in an whole other direction. I have an old skirt that would work for a pillow. A runner for that table top in the yellow modern fabric works as I rather like bare legs for the spring furniture look. Another lap quilt is not realistic this year. A friend found me 3 gorgeous pillows at the 'vintage shop'. Said they were me. Yup, but where to put these and not totally change the plan. The golds could work in the sitting room. So a pillow or two and a runner are in the que.
But no sewing today as I NEED to focus on the great outdoors. I will also be thinking about the front room in the coming week as it is so visible that the two rooms are really one and need to co-habit.
I'm SO impressed that Triple F works!


Createology said...

I agree with your concept of blogging versus writing in a journal. Blogging is much more interactive. I love to receive and read comments. Pictures really help the interest level. And blogging really does help to "put out there" what I want to get done or have done. Accountability? Happy creating...

Unknown said...

Beautiful, beautiful!

KatieQ said...

I haven't been keeping up with my blogging and I miss it. It really helps me to focus on goals I want to accomplish. I love reading comments on my blog and commenting on other people's blogs. It makes me feel connected to the world and keeps my old head swirling with new ideas.

I love the sound of your "two cozy chairs looking out the big window." It sounds so peaceful.