Monday, October 3, 2011

So far So good

I put the paint brush down to pick up the car keys. A lovely day in the city. And I mean day. We, DD and the grand kiddies put on lots of miles, accomplishing much.

We did take time out to play! These little cars are so great, very easy to move about. Both kids were all over the place. Unfortunately, I own neither a good basement nor a cement walk or drive way! We enticed them off with 'rides' up and down, and up and down, and... on the escalators!

The Rooster declared Saturday a town day so we, a rooster, a hen and a chick, were back to stock the pantry for winter. Food is a rooster thing. I'd rather feather the nest. ;^)
This grey floor is not going to work. It shows every little thing. I'm all for low maintenance and this would bother me.

So I'd gone into our little town and got a rust colour mixed up for me. I should learn to listen to my first intentions! Now I was anxious to finish all the painting. But reading the fine print I read that I needed significantly warm weather for 48 hours. Night temperatures were letting me down. Today starts that time frame. I also have recalled a few more pieces that I can paint up that fall into the category of veranda work. ;)

The Rooster has been mulling over the whole step issue. I reworked one set of pavers and I'll need more for the other side when I where see the foot steps will fall. I need to give the Rooster credit for creativity. His is a very practical creativity.

Tonight is quilt group and I just cannot start a new project. I'm not too sure what to work on but it won't involve the sewing machine because the main doorway will be locked for painting and the secondary door has no steps because it awaits another design decision and some deck construction. vbsigh

Except for the possible digression of one kinda small cupboard which could someday end up in the veranda, (???) I'm very happy to report that I'm staying focused on the veranda! That has got to be some kind of record breaking happening! yahoo!

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Createology said...

May your weather hold and you get your porch floor repainted. Your littles look so adorable and I can see they were having a wonderful day. No new new projects...just keep repeating this dear.