Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's all good

Perfect day for painting, my friend told me and paint we did! We worked on the furniture that will be in the veranda. I used up old paint and a goodly number of spray cans that I'd accumulated. I'm not too good a sprayer so I stuck to the paint brush. I was also the one wearing the most paint!

This bench was sprayed aqua inside and painted a blue green on the outside.

The highchair was sprayed with 2 different cans of yellow. The car and we gals have evidence of over spray. oops! But she's a blonde so it was her moment!

The wind came up and I had a very 'happy' sprayer of antique white in the spray chamber!

I sent her home to sing in the shower.

The man came with his machine to put the piles in at the veranda. I knew things were not going to be so very good when I overheard my Rooster telling him not to worry about the plants, they'd come back up next year. Good bye cottoneaster shrub. :O

The machine has tracks which crush kinda softly but it is the pivoting of the tracks that raise my eyebrows! One cement paver is toast. To be fair he chose the path of least resistance and so the plants/shrubs that were in jeopardy were the ones that have been not exactly thriving.

Now the Rooster will have to refigure the step and handrail as the piles are further out than he'd hoped. But we need to refigure the whole gate, walk and entrance area. This flowerbed will have to be revamped in the spring. The plants look kind of horrified at the moment as it is. But I do hope the weather holds, particularly as I found another chair we should have painted.

I'm also looking at the veranda floor. The light grey is not looking so good with all the traffic. It is showing everything. If I'm going to change it, now is the time.

But it is looking like a rain day. We were so happy to get the machine in before it delayed him again. The poor plants are probably pretty thankful for the rain. And I'm thankful I that I just may get a play day. ;^)

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Createology said...

Great Painting Day! I love your bench and see the side arms as holding lap quilts through those rungs on each side, or one long quilt draped through one side along the bench and through the other side therefore also creating a cushion for the tush. Then it would be ready to keep me cozy and warm when I need it. Fabulous Friday to you dear...