Saturday, September 10, 2011


I got my parcel card in the mail that my package was in so my friend and I scooped it up and had the grand opening at my DD's. She was shocked I wasn't opening it. On a busy street??? I might lose something! The kiddies oohed and ahhed along with all of us but I think the box was the biggest hit! lol Thanks to Sew We Quilt and a generous Madame Samm!

I got the big wheeled bag for transporting a sewing machine and supplies to class. I got a cotton quilt batt, a calendar, a magazine, some self stick thimbles thimbles, 3 bunches of FQ's, and 2 kinds of Prescencia thread. The batting and threads are new to me so I'm curious to try them.

In the mail was also a book I've been waiting for. There is a lot of talk on the DIY blogs about Amy Sloan Chalk Paint and I found a Canadian supplier and I'm drooling over her book and lovely colours and techniques.

And to top things off a visit to the thrift shop got me another white pitcher with its bowl. This is very lovely.

I brought one grandchild home and we are having a work bee outside so no playing till next week!


Createology said...

Oh Elle I cannot think of anything finer than for you to receive these amazing sewing gifts. You will certainly use every bit of them. Congratulations! Chalk paint is quite the rage yet I am not familiar with this book. I shall be anticipating your projects. Enjoy your work bee with the grandlittle. *_*

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Holy cow. That big wheeled bag is wonderful. I know you will put it to use. Of course, I also look forward to your using the batting and thread, too.

I've not heard of chalk paint. Will have to do an internet search for it. And have fun being a worker bee this week with the the grandie.

MarveLes Art Studios said...

Holy sewing mobiles Elle! You brought in a real haul! Impressive! Looking forward to the chalk paint...not heard of it, either I don't think. said...

that is ONE CUTE GRANDCHILD!!! : )

Sparky said...

Well I must say your wee buglet is the feature pleased it all arrived safe and you are tickled pink at all the extras xx

Gina said...

What a fun box to open! I have a pitcher and bowl almost identical sitting in my bathroom, that I found at a Humane Society shop many years ago!

IMAQLTR2 said...

What an amazing haul! Sew exciting! The best is the photo of your sweet GD, absolutely adorable. Quilt on!

Linda C.