Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Exercising mind and muscles

Well, the rooster came home, looked around, and exclaimed, "Well, you've had a fun day!".

He does know what makes me happy. LOL
I decided the best place for the elm cupboard was the bathroom. It can use some humidity. It is a temporary spot while I consider my options.

The two chairs are perfect for each corner of the north stove wall. They also fit nicely at the ends of the table. Luv that! Then I remembered that at one time I had considered two glass fronted cupboards for each side of the stove. Those metal book cases were also auction finds and also temporary. YES! hmmm? This is beyond rooster work. I may need to enlist my DSIL. :0

One chair was sent back up to our bedroom and the wooden dining room chair replaced a smaller wood one in the sitting room.

I switched the recliner and the rocker so the foot stool was not hampering traffic flow too much. I did sit and stretch out. YES! It looks full but not unduly cramped. The recliner is the roosters and he did like that corner. oops! The 2 chairs can be used while I consider what colour to reupholster them. The foot stool is very much worn.

The jelly cupboard found a new home in the kitchen. This chased the 'soon to be a bookcase' wine cupboard up to our room which also meant the matching tall table went as well. I'm pleased. The jelly cupboard is too small for the bathroom and fits well on the kitchen wall. This put back a small table, phone table(?), back to the small nook which is its best spot.

That wine cupboard looks good between the two doors and isn't very deep.

The lower matching table actually fits down by my side of the bed and can hold my books. Finally, I have bedside table that kinda hides because the dresser needs to be on that sloped wall which doesn't leave much room.

That only leaves the other taller table to find a good place for and that isn't a high priority.

The two remaining cupboards are for the sewing room. I tried to get the smaller one up but I ran afoul of the handrail on the stairs. So tomorrow I'll post those changes which require some considerable 'rooster work'!

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Createology said...

You have made me smile with all your moving of furniture. And your Rooster has said it well! I am smiling because my grandmother always moved the furniture when she was upset or mad at grandpa. When he got home...could be very late and in a "certain condition" he would fall over the furniture because she had moved it and he didn't know where it was in the dark. Bahaha Good to laugh at now but certainly wasn't funny when happening. Everything you have done looks fabulous. You really have a vision for decor my dear...