Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A never ending story

Tis the end of summer.

Well, we all had very red faces as we tore down the fence and threw it into a very large container to burn on Saturday. The temperature was 31 celcius and the fire burned hot. The burning ban lifted as we have had a bit of rain and we had to be vigilant but I am so glad that it is all gone. Yard clean up is never ending. The new fence will go back in spring with a few changes.

Then Sunday afternoon I tackled the veranda floor as the week ahead looks cold and rainy.

The son in law's big sander is almost more than I can handle. I pressed the trigger and was half way down the length of the veranda before I could even yell! But my, it does eat away the layers. It also ate the cord. oops! Joshua is learning about smoke. Smoke from fire, smoke from the tractor muffler and smoke from Grand Dad's ears!!!

Josh also came to see what I was doing. I was also smoking after he stepped on the door jam and then started back down the hall! The above photo is from this morning and Josh's foot prints have been removed! ;^) My muscles are sore. That sander does vibrate! I also sanded down the sills and repainted them. I'm so messy so now I'll need to touch up the walls. I really hope the touch ups can end there! lol

I got the playroom rearranged so my guys could just slip the newer chest into place.

I'd carried the drawers but the the chest is well made as there are dividers between each drawer so it is heavy. I need to use that sander again to get old paint off the drawers so they slide easier.

We had taken the base off and Josh screwed in the new metal foot pads.

It is a tad tall but I'll be okay with that. I'm going to remove that overhead shelf. It is way too cluttered and I'm learning to reduce surface areas where things collect. I think a few hooks and holders will be better. I'm sure the drawers will be crammed though. lol

These are 2 very old IKEA chests. They hold a lot and aren't deep so I CAN find things.

This is an old IKEA media cupboard. It is nice to have but a lot of space is wasted so...

Even though The Rooster has been busy with repairs...

The pump for our well, the hot water tank, the bathroom sink. He also had an argument with the grinder at work. He won but it did get a few licks in. I think Josh will have a hard time settling for those little coloured bandaids now! ;)

But now he needs to re-purpose my old media cupboard so it can sit on my two very usable and sturdy chests. Then I can begin to put stuff back. After I purge, of course. And that is really a never ending story!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Actually, I like that media cupboard. I can see it holding all those things that are now on your shelf. Of course, I can understand if it needs a bit of repurposing. Hope everyone is well mended, too!

Createology said...

Oh dear you have had the adventures. I can just see you "skiing" behind the sander as it traveled the length of the floor. Mr. C has a huge scar from an orbital sander he was using to clean up a mess at my cause...luckily we can look back and smile now. So adorable to see your little working along side his grandpa learning the trade. Keep the momentum Miss Elle...you are making huge progress.

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

Wow. You work so hard! :)