Friday, September 23, 2011

Getting ready to play

A busy week.

The Common Threads quilt group met for another year in town. Some new gals and it is always nice to have new inspiration. First meeting is just to get acquainted and write down all our needs, wants and desires!!! Each year is different and this year has a number of things to keep me busy. Also this year I think I'll do white bindings and kinda have a theme for some art in the 'problem' corner of the playroom.

Lots of craft stuff coming into the thrift store as people organize and plan for the fall. I scooped up some books to disperse to our group. I also have my eye on all the bits of wool. Couching???

The monthly sewing club met in the city. This is at my sewing machine dealer and I always learn lots. But I went in early specifically to get some stuff for my kiddies.

I had a drawer of 'STUFF" but another blogger's posts on including children had me rethinking some things. First, I shouldn't wait till they are old enough!!!

So the kids have 2 drawers each and Josh will have aqua blue themed supplies and Eliana will have lime green. I'll colour code the drawer fronts.

I'm very happy to share my stuff. I have LOTS of glue and crayons and paper to get us started.

Their mum was a kindergarten - grade one teacher and I grabbed her art book. If kids can learn to draw so can I! I also have some pattern books for tracing and 'ta heck' with colouring books. I'll scan, enlarge and print on the scanner. I've been saving paper for some time! But I also found a book by InkStainswithRoni at Michael's. Roni's blog is all about 'how to' so this should be most helpful as well.

Now today I have a run to see the kiddies. Josh is awaiting his new winter long johns! I hope he likes the cars on them. Although I could have got pink 'beauties' for his sister she has claimed and is only too happy to wear the old Thomas the tank ones!!!

My, the seasons are flying along and now so must I!

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Createology said...

What a wonderful idea to include your littles in the creative process in your studio. I know they will love being active in their very own color coordinated drawers filled with art goodies. Great new books for inspiration. I have the Roni book and it is fabulous. Wonderful weekend to you dear...