Monday, September 5, 2011

A Score and an edit!

An auction sale for a local quilter! My rooster and I ran away for the day. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. And we scored some great stuff.

Well, I did. My rooster wanted a book box. He got it for a dollar. So he laughed all night as he read his book and I plotted and planned where all my stuff would go and what would have to leave to make room for the new stuff! lol

My friend says reupholstering is easy. I guess 'we' will be finding out! The foot stool turns out to be a good match for the chairs and I'll be spray painting the lamp. The chairs are the same and I quite like the fabric but it needs recovering. One chair has been painted and I'm thinking I will paint both. I originally thought of a bedroom chair but having both has made me think front room where they can be drawn up to each end of the dining table. YES!

I'm so excited about this elm cupboard which was our most expensive piece but so cheap I am still pinching myself. It looks like it is a kitchen storage piece as it has two wire rods on the inside doors for tea towels. ??? I may need to 'store' it in the bathroom while I work on the kitchen. That means the jelly cupboard in the bathroom needs a new home. I'm going to need to be very creative to keep things from getting too cluttered. ;^)

Then I really didn't need more fabric, notions, or books. But who can resist repurposed storage. I'm thinking this sturdy piece can support my sewing machine which sits at the end of my cutting table. The cubicle storage I am sewing on now will need a new spot. hmmmm?

I was quite excited about the wide drawers in this piece for paper, stencils, etc. and I will possible remove the kick plate section on the bottom to lower it a tad. The future spot for this heavy piece is puzzling me a bit but it will go in my playroom, possibly under the cutting table or the 'wet' counter.

In the book box was a couple of good books for altered book making and especially this one which has a number of blank pages with the wonderful borders around them.

I doubt as any of this was absolutely necessary. But we have done no auction sales this year and who can resist 'deals'. We had a marvelous time. The cost wasn't huge and the enjoyment will pay dividends far into the future.

I have just been SO blessed this week!

But now I need to spend the day wiping down my finds, shuffling furniture and editing STUFF in general. hum, hum, hum, HUUUMMMMM!


Createology said...

Fabulous finds my dear. However you have added just a tad bit to your list of to do's...
I couldn't have passed these up either. :o)

Dandelion and Daisy said...

The Elm cupboard is beautiful! Hard to tell how big it is but I should look good where ever you put it. Auctions are so fun and it looks like you found a good one. Have fun playing with your new goodies.