Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday's Frown


Have a cookie.  I must warn you that there is a slight danger of a sugar high!  lol

We did this in the kitchen but I must admit that flour made it to the upper levels! :(

We used our colour theory to custom mix purple icing.

I think little Jolina is rather glad she didn't actually have to have any!  lol

I have house guests due to home renovations that are not quite on schedule.  So my schedule is slightly altered!  :)

Friday's weekly report is a bit incomplete but I was very glad to get my tutorial in on Tuesday.

The frown is because of blogging issues.  I use Google chrome and I view my blog roll through google.  I have had nothing but good luck and have not used the verification function.

But since doing the Intentional Blogging series I have gotten some spam which is caught by Blogger but it does come with  the comments when they are sent to my home inbox.  I just delete them.  I think the titles have got me up on a radar somewhere that I hope dies down soon.  There isn't a lot but it is annoying.

I have been noticing some changes to other blogs that I wondered about.  My friend Margaret at Scrap Wisdom Collage had her blog hijacked.   It ended happily.  Then today I read on Sew Many Ways about Blog Scrapers!  Karen shared a link  or you can read her original post.  Karen has just posted a how to truncate your posts to stop this.  I don't know if this is something I need to worry about but I am sharing the information and I'll be filing it away for future review.  It really is too bad that a few can spoil things for so many.

Okay, time to pass some of those sugar cookies around to counteract any lowness and downward curve to the lips!  TGIF!


Createology said...

Oh those cookies look yummy. You are such a wonderful Grandma...I would be aghast at that mess but I do realize it cleans up. The important thing is that the littles are having fun, learning, and looking super cute doing so! I am so out of touch with the mechanics of blogger that I don't even know how to change my photo any longer. I was going to update my current look but no can do. Sorry you are getting spammed. Sprinkles and Sugar Smiles Dear...

Margaret Applin said...

They will remember these times...thanks to you :))) Cookies look great! Wanna ship some? LOL

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Now I am hungry for cookies, and it isn't even breakfast time, yet!!

I have seen a few of my friends' blogs start using the truncations, but never realized it would help. With as many tutorials as I offer and the number of photos I show each time I blog, I might need to consider truncating my blog posts, too. Thanks to both you and Karen for this bit of education!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I forgot to answer your question earlier today. You asked about the orange "stamps" I showed when I showed the inks. They are actually crafting foam run through my friend Annette's (Voodoo Vixen) die cutting machine using some Tim Holtz dies. She sent them to me when she still lived in Canada. I backed them with Wacky Tac, the fabulous repositionable glue my friend Sally gave me. Thanks for asking.

Carolyn Dube said...

Those cookies look so good and like you had a blast making them!