Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Intentional Blogging 12 Being Awesome

Being awesome just means doing your very best work possible, without holding back, every single day.

Jeff says:

  • Be different. You can take what we’ve talked about here and do your own unusual and unique thing. Sure, there are best practices and case studies and models to follow, but we don’t need another average blogger. We need a communicator with something to say. 

Here's what I started doing:

  • I showed up to do the work every day. While this isn’t a necessity, I personally decided that a daily frequency was what I needed to stay disciplined at delivering quality. I set aside time to write really good content.
  • I started planning ahead, writing posts before they needed to be published, so that I never felt hurried and could edit my work before publishing.
  • I asked for people's help. I subscribed to free resources like Copyblogger and Problogger. I joined blogging communities and met with successful bloggers, asking their advice and feedback.
  • I stopped expecting people to read my writing for its brilliance and started looking for ways to help people and add value. I wanted to create something so unique and resourceful that people were attracted to it. I didn't want to have to beg or coerce people to read my blog.    


I think there are many reasons to blog and life is too short to add to the 'must do' list so taking pleasure in one's blog should high on any list.   If all I wanted was to jot down what happens when, then a calendar with blank squares would serve as well and a blog would be a slight overkill.  Most brag books fit into a Granny's purse and aren't subject to internet crashes.  Tutorials may just be a delay tactic to actually writing that book.

So I blog as a form of creative expression.  I don't want it to be a mediocre experience. For me or for any readers.  I am pursuing excellence, awesomeness.  That means spending some time planning, some learning and some vulnerability.  It is not really work but it is definitely a commitment.  And as a wise woman once said, "Anything worth doing, is worth doing well!".  And I suppose, "There is always room for improvement.", would be another quotable quote!!!  :)

He ends this series with:

The End

We're done. Over. Fin.

But before we go, here's one final lesson — one last important rule:


The whole point of this tutorial is to learn some fundamentals, to practice. Not to master a formula or turn your art into some robotic equation.

Take everything you've learned, use what works, and throw out the rest.

I hope it was useful. I hope you learned a few things. And I hope this made you a better version of yourself. I hope it helped you create meaningful art.

Thanks, Jeff!


Jeff Goins said...

Way to go, Ellen!

Leanne said...

I think you are awesome and I do enjoy reading your blog!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

In 2010, I posted EVERY day. By December, I was ready for a break, but couldn't because we had the OWOH post/blog hop coming up. After that, I got sick and only posted infrequently in March, 2011. Sometimes that required blogging gets to you. Like Jeff, I post ahead, but oftentimes I have nothing to write about. At least YOU, dear Elle, always have something interesting to say and post. This is the perfect end to 12 lessons in blogging.

Createology said...

Thank you so much for sharing what Jeff has blogged. ..."spending some time planning, some learning and some vulnerability"...seems to be life! Elle Dear I adore your blog and you and do not want you to change a thing. I am a total "WYSIWYG" person. "What you see is what you get" and I like honest sincere people...like you my friend. Falling into Autumn Bliss.

Jo Vandermey said...

I happened on your blog and really enjoy finding out what is going on in the coop. Between everyday happenings and your journey of creating the result is an informative, fun, and fresh. I love your style!