Monday, October 1, 2012

On to October

I'm trying to appreciate the influences around me.  Fall isn't my favourite season although I do like all the seasons. Ours is mostly yellowy green and the colourings are often brief.  It is mostly bare trees and cool, wet weather.

One of the few red leaves our province produces and I have the little shrub between two birches  in front of a red barn! :(   There is an oak tree that I transplanted a few years ago behind the spruce but the poor thing struggles as inevitably the sheep that prefers the 'other' side of the fence finds it and nibbles the poor thing.  I need to add a fast growing large tree behind it to help deflect wind off those barn shingles.

A busy and productive weekend outside. The stringers are fastened, the posts trimmed to size and the boards are ready. The Rooster has admitted that this has taken longer than anticipated.  vbsigh  We are older and slower!    The weather was wonderful and the bit of rain came just as we were heading off to a well deserved sleep.  

The grand kiddies arrived Friday and have been helping. The pigs were a source of distraction as far as actual work went.   They are busy working on their third break out!  

If her brother can touch them then by golly, so can she!

I did manage to keep the calendar somewhat up to date and now I need to get the pages all finished.  I am not sure I can keep up with 7 tags and 2 full pages so I may be tweaking this again.  Or maybe I just need to better organize my time.   I will be wrapping up September and carrying October forward during this week. It is a brand new month with lots of possibilities that can fall into creative places.


Createology said...

I do see your little red tree even though it is against the red barn. Your fence is looking wonderful. Cooler weather and coats and pigs to play with...grandchildren's paradise. Your calendar is amazing dear. Keeping up with anything these days is exhausting...I just spent four hours at the chamber and I am wiped out! Geesh!! Falling into Autumn Bliss...

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Beautiful old red barns are quickly becoming a thing of the past in my part of the world. A few years ago I started noticing how rare it was to see a big, old hip roof barn. Now, it's pole barns sided with metal. They require less maintaince, I suppose, but just not the same. The fence is looking good, and yeah, that's a lot of hard work.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I was actually amazed at how much of the fence was already completed. Very impressive. Older and wiser!!