Monday, October 8, 2012

Taking Time for Thanks

I try to be thankful everyday but the calendar says today is the day to be especially thankful.  :)

Sundays are always a full house and yesterday was no exception.  The Rooster's cooking always inspires my heartfelt gratitude.  :)

So with the special thankfulness expressed I am free to get Moving on Monday  launched.

I am working away on my September calendar pages but I also paused to consider the addition of a fall canvas for the entry way.  Eliana says it is beeeeootiful!  It pays to pick the right judges! lol

I tried my Silks and my light molding paste.  I really like the paste.  I should perhaps have experimented a bit as I smudged some that overlapped but this is such a cool way to add texture.  Shoot!  Now I need some more stencils as a lot of mine have fine lines and this technique just begs for larger open spaces as opposed to lines.

This shows the Silks which goes on like paint and add lots of shine. It does enhance the magazine page but doesn't hide edges real well. Ah, I have the little jar in hand and it isn't a paint, it is an acrylic glaze.  Not only did I leap in without changing my good clothes, I skipped any of the how to's!  lol   This is okay but I doubt it'll remain this way as I learn better ways to get that idea in my mind translated to the canvas.

The calendar pages are evolving as I try different things.  I am also playing catch up.

I want to treat the one side as the journal entries and the other as a canvas.  This needs more work.

This is better.  The tags are scrapbook paper cut to fit the individual pocket spaces.

Change up as I will try writing on the spaces that the sewn line delineated.  I also worked the basic page backgrounds for the month in advance.  It does have its disadvantages!  Then I dab things on and they end up being less than appropriate so I'll be doing them weekly now with an eye to the current theme as well as the following page.

I wanted to try the colour wheel tree again and these teeny leaves are a bit fiddly.  This will be for the week the hurricane force winds blew all the leaves off and away!

Life very often plays out with little regard to lists and plans but that is also okay. This camper scene was a temporary renovating provision.  But it has turned cold and muddy.  Winter boots and mittens are the general play gear.  The renovation is a bit behind schedule.  We had some kind of wet, sloppy snowy, icy storm come through Friday and power was out just half a mile away from us. The 'other' side of the tracks!    Town declared an emergency as hydro towers and poles crumpled under the weight of freezing wet snow and high winds. The kids just got snow but the renovations and  hydro hook up are delayed and the windows aren't arriving till mid month.  Tis chilly in the camper so...  

The newly approved schedule just may come in for some real testing as we adjust to a fuller household!


Createology said...

Oh I do like your new art for the entry. Your judges have very keen eyes. :o) Life does have its way of happening just when we think we have our controls in place. Glad your weather has subsided and you are safe. Your calendar pages are wonderful. Lots of tweaking and fine-tuning is what most days require. Happy Thanksgiving Blessings Dear...

HollyM said...

Love the piece for your entry! I'm glad the weather subsided before Thanksgiving. Cold weather is slowly moving in. Renovations seem to always take longer than planned don't they?

Margaret Applin said...

Love your canvas!! Full house??