Saturday, October 27, 2012


I enjoyed a bit of R&R for a change of pace this week.

Reading is definitely my first luv and I just kinda binged a bit this week as I enjoyed being home alone!  Reading is NOT a hobby- it is just a fact of my life.  And every once in a while I need to top up!  LOL

And while I do try for a lovely first impression...

This is more the reality of what my reading station looks like when I'm not sitting in the sitting room!  

Jenn and I joined my friend for a bookmark making session on Wednesday.  We made a big mess and lamented all the things that I should have also brought with me.

We also added another element, sniff, sniff!  to the shop's ambiance as we were shown how to make these super cool edges to paper.  The trick is to cut a wavy edge and then just edge and enhance it with the flame.  I really liked it!

Thursday I had an appointment for new car tires and just moved my reading station to their waiting room.  It was an early time slot and I had to go home for some coffee and a few more chapters before I could finish my errands in town.

I have found a new online source for Canadian art supplies.  So Friday after some deliberation, I hit the pay button after a few sniffs of repeating to myself, "No, you can't really have it all!".  I mean, I can't expect a lottery win when I don't buy tickets, can I???  lol  I did try to stick to the basics.  I can't remember exactly how I found The Art House Studio but I have been following the blog for a few weeks now. I have enjoyed watching the Friday night videos.

Then I had a good afternoon at my Bernina Club.  That is always Sew Inspiring!   The technique was bobbin work on zippered pouches.

I finished off the week with a trip to visit the home renovations  that our DD and her family are all involved in.  The Rooster suggested we go and bring back the wee chicks.  He must have felt the coop was way too quiet this past week!  lol

We returned to a covering of snow although the grand kiddies didn't see it as they were fast asleep.

The weekend will be busy and I'll be ready to get back at it on Monday.

So the mojo wasn't really lost, it was just resting!


Createology said...

Mojo that should be a requisite for all of us from time to time. I too have been reading but not as much as I would like. I think my nightstand is about to tip over with the weight of the stack it has on one side. Funny that the Rooster missed the Littles. Blessings Dear...

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Mo AND Jo seem to get tired and once in a while they leave on vacation without telling us and don't come back until they are good and ready!!!! If the truth be told, most of us have areas in our house that look like your nightstand. I called it the "lived in look". Feeding our art supply adiction is ALWAYS a good thing.

Mary Ann Tate said...

I've done the paper burning thing...I had to make a pirate map for one of my son's school projects...many years ago now. It turned out really neat and then we tea dyed it to make it look old.

Carolyn Dube said...

Books are pure happiness! That had to have been fun to create with a buddy and make your bookmarks!