Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday's Motivation

In keeping up with the momentum from a productive weekend yard wise; I am home alone and hard at it.

Nothing motivates me like a good noisy vacuum and some general cleaning.  I'm not talking about the boring scrub and clean kind of work.  But general dusting and pick up that lets me consider creative options for arranging various vignettes.  I luv finding stuff I had put away and reintroducing them back into the new scheme of things.  Nothing ever stays static in this house. The 2 chairs flanking the hutch were a spur of the moment find.  There were 8 available and we had to spend half of Saturday going to get them but I am thrilled with them.  $200 for all 8 and the condition is good.  The grand daughter enjoyed being up high in the front seat of the big truck and seeing the country.

The Rooster has agreed to helping with a time line for getting all the household projects scheduled and prioritized.  He had gone back to work after the initial retirement and wants to try it again without the farming option!  ;^)  But he does say that this needs to be a once and for all project so we need to get it right and I'm considering all my options as I vacuum.  We plan to stay in this house so we need to add the second bath upstairs near the bedrooms and get the laundry up out of the basement.  It won't happen unless we make it happen and get a plan down on paper. That is very motivating.

I am getting a bit desperate to be creating in my playroom/studio. The grand kiddies do like to create but I do have other things I need to do so the door has been locked a lot lately as little ones roam about looking for paper and scissors and stamp pads!  lol

The journal pages are continuing to be finished.  I am ready to get October up to date now.  I'm hoping to stay motivated for the rest of the week.


Leanne said...

Those are lovely paint colours and I love your hutch and chairs. I am hoping to move my laundry out of the kitchen into the basement, are you sure you want to do the opposite?

Createology said...

Beautiful setting with the new chairs. That hutch color is fabulous and I really like your decor. Making a list and checking it twice for your home to-dos is very wise. The Rooster went back to work?!! Mr. C did that so many times I lost count. Never more he says...totally retired and totally tired now! How fun to move your furniture all around and re-purpose it. Home Sweet Home Dear...