Thursday, October 4, 2012

Nina's Outing

Nina is a series 8 Bernina sewing machine.  She was invited to a special event to show off her abilities.  I was unable to take her so another day was very graciously provided for me and another gal on Monday evening. I didn't think I could handle another episode of day long sighs so I bundled her up in her utility coat and off we went.  I kept hoping that the thumps from the trunk were happy hip hops and not my driving.  She is my once in a life time inheritance gift!  So I'm a little stressed whenever another car even looks like it wants to get up close and personal.  :(

anyway!  We had a ball!  She was up and humming immediately and did stuff even before I understood what was being asked.  We made a purse.

It is really just 2 FQ's, batting and a stabalizer.  I just threaded her up and let her do her stuff.

This is the stabilizer side which will be covered with the lining after it is all squared up nicely.  Nina does not have embroidery capabilities so we free motioned anything that called for the embroidery software.

The bali had leaves so I MQed leaves for the base of the bag.

The couching of the cord is free motioned with a really cool foot.  I did a kind of stylized leaf.

The front has a sheer ribbon secured in place with decorative stitching.  We made two small buttonholes on the ribbon and cut through the fabric, batting and stabilizer to add the bow.  Nice!  Then we used a 3 strand cording foot to add fancy threads or cords.  We also programmed stitches and stitched them out on the ribbon.  I did tassels which can be cut to fringe (who knew) and added the letters to read A Creative Happening!  It certainly was.  I luv my Bernina but I think what makes all the difference in the world is a good dealer.  Elizabeth at Sew Inspiring is such a gal. Thanks, Elizabeth!

I added some straight line stitching with several decorative stitches.  The handles are slipped into black elastic which was incorporated into the final stitching for the lining.  Easy Peasy!  I actually came home with a finished project.  Even the Rooster was impressed.

Now to give Nina credit; she already knows how to do all this stuff but I was the one who needed the insight and instruction.  The bad news is that she is still sighing.  She wants to do more, everyday! :0

Nina did get bumped up to the back seat for part of the ride home as we got a flat tire!  :(  And while I was waiting for the nice man to come and do the whatevers, I rescued Nina from the trunk and her possible discombobulation in the search for the little spare tire somewhere underneath her.  She is a big girl and I didn't feel up to wrestling her back again so I drove home slowly- donuts can only go 80 Km anyway and it was quite late and not many cars were out and about.

I do want to make myself some new clothes and it seems I can now have a matching purse!!!  I also recklessly promised Nina and her small friend Mini new covers to match the newly renewed playroom!  Now I have two machines sighing!!!  lol


Createology said...

Oh Elle you and Nina did a wonderful job making this uber chic purse. How fun to let Nina show you her talents and then create a beautiful purse for you to sport about town. Glad you stayed safe even with the flat tire. I need to make a cover for my Pfaff too but have never done so. Maybe this will be a good upcoming Winter project. Blissful Stitching Dear...

Leanne said...

What fun and so nice to learn all her tricks. Too bad about the flat tire, but it seems you managed just fine.

Margaret Applin said...

Nina looks quite large! Free-motion is the way to go! Those built in embroidery stitches are way over rated LOL The purse came out great!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You are SO lucky to have free motion stitching. I don't have anything, but I somehow manage, thanks to your encouragement many months ago.

Nina looks happy to be home. I bet she doesn't want to go out anymore, at least not until you get that donut off your car (grin).