Monday, August 5, 2013

They lied!

The five yellow suns on the five day weather forecast were a lie!  Why did I fall for the lie?  I know they lie. 

Friday was an amazing day.  I got such a lot done.  I weeded and used the push mower.
Saturday started out pretty good.  We really feel like we are making progress on cleaning things up.

We stopped to smell the... roses?   ahem!  We stopped to rest.  lol

Perhaps we shouldn't have as the lawnmower died again.  (I didn't DO anything this time!) And then it rained.  And rained!

Sunday it poured!  A day of rest and time to brace ourselves for the next five day weather forecast!  :O


Leanne said...

Your garden is looking so lovely. Lawnmowers seem to die all the time, mine is currently not working either. I hope your week is not all bad weather, they can be mistaken about those forecasts too.

Createology said...

How lovely your grounds are with all the hard work dear. Rain!?? We have all the sunshine here and I would be happy to swap you some sunshine for some rain. Using a push really got your exercise. I hope you have a lovely week ahead...

What Comes Next? said...

your yard looks so nice! What other job do you know of where they can be wrong so often and not be fired??? Hope the coming week is much better

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You can be proud of what you have accomplished. Your yard looks wonderful, unlike mine. It's rained every night for three weeks. When I tried to mow, the mower seized up. So I understand rain patterns (grin).