Friday, August 9, 2013

When things look grey

Grey, rainy, overcast may be good for taking pictures.

 It may even be good for the flowers as I can't remember the roses looking so great before.

                                       Nor have they looked so 'rose' like. 

                          In fact I don't remember my roses having this many petals.

        Nor this much smell.  Perhaps you need to get closer and breathe more deeply. ;) ;)

                                        Nor these many blossoms on one branch.

                 But grey days aren't so good for taking pictures of the new paint project.  :O

I'm off to flip all the shelves that are on my craft table and then carefully paint that back section.  I'm getting kinda excited and that means there is no grey inside me just lots of rosy colours. ;)


What Comes Next? said...

your roses are beautiful - I can almost smell them from here. Grey days are good for outside pics, not so much the inside ones. Hope your painting goes well today!

Mary Ann Tate said...

Our roses seem to like the rain and dull days too. We've had so many this year. I like your bookcase idea....It will look lovely:)

Createology said...

Beautiful Roses. I am drying my rose petals for potpourri. That red bud is perfection. Your projects are really progressing nicely. Great Job Dear...

Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau said...

Wonderful photos of your roses!!

Margaret said...

Doncha just love those blowsy hardy bush roses?! Mmmmmm!!!