Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Prairie Silk Willow tree

 The branches weep and have a downward drop. The leaves are a very simple shape.  They are also a lovely blue green. colour with a lovely silvery sheen.

I gathered up a number of branches.  Unfortunately the branches of this tree and other willows fall frequently. The good news is that it is always making new  branches. ;)

I spent a lovely hour or so gelli printing the 'real deal' with black paint on white paper and deli paper.  These will dry on my line and I will make photos of the individual papers for future use.

 These are examples of the first prints which have lots of paint on the plate.

 Then I will take a second with the paint that is left and sometimes with some repositioning or recycled paper.

 The leaves have paint on them and I will press them onto white paper as well.

I can also pick up another print from the gelli plate if I lightly spritz it with water.

The very last print I pull is usually on the deli paper and is faint or more delicate.

After I photograph and save the images on my computer I will then begin to make stencils from the original pages and play with colour.  But that is for another day! 


Seth said...

Each of the print sets are very different but they all look wonderful to me. There is nothing like nature!

Createology said...

I really like these Weeping Willow leaves. The color must be amazing in person. Fabulous papers from your Elli Gelli session dear. How fun that you got to play.

HollyM said...

Very pretty, Elle. I have a lovely drawing table but through my prints all around! What a great idea to hang them. I'll do that next time.

Carli The Quilter said...

Wow, I've been away from a computer and look at what you've done in the meantime!! I must go back a reread all your posts. I've wanted to learn how to paint or make my own fabric for a long time.

All these posts are awesome!!