Thursday, June 12, 2014

Getting a handle on things

These 24 handles took a lot more time than I'd have thought.  True it has continued to be just as busy in June as it was in May but they are small and simple. vbsigh 

Now to get the baskets made up and attached to them.  But as I was attaching the main body of the basket I see there are a couple of handles that are not right.  :(  An easy fix but ...  The good news is that I saw a neat idea for a vine with circle flowers for across the bottom which appeals as the coloured baskets are all dots.  I'll need to measure and see how I'm doing for size.  I expect I'll be making the sashing smaller.

I am considering a few options for the June fabrics but not really decided other than fast, quick, simple!!!  lol

I am rethinking the design for the Noah's Ark Hysterical quilt because I have discovered that I had started cutting the six inch half square triangles at a wonky angle.  These are old blocks and I must have been on a 'bust out of my rut' kind of tangent.  :O  If I re cut I'll have to make them quite a bit smaller.  I'm ready to pull up the gangplank and just go wonky because if I had a plan it is now off in some lifeboat somewhere!  :0

I am somewhat caught up on my DYLP but can't say that for the daily sketching for the Sketchbook Skool class. :(
This was houses with a flap that covers the calender and to-do list.

This week was gratitude and certainly an easy page that I need to finish up.

This current week is to add book text and I found a map page.  I may stop putting flaps in and just keep the emphasis on art as I'm not so good with a planner.  :{ 

But mostly I have been using my new hoe handle!  I have heard that bees are being compromised but they are sure abundant here even though I find it quite chilly out.  Notice my bought transplants look kinda limp.  The raspberries are just humming with bees but I can only see some leaves, no flowers.  That patch of purple thyme has about a dozen big bees all over it and they don't all look the same.  Some are huge and a few are pale and less fuzzy!  I hope they can handle their bucketfuls!


Vicki W said...

I love those basket blocks!

Dandelion and Daisy said...

You are doing much better than I with the DYLP prompts. I'm just the opposite, I keep up with the daily record keeping and I'm behind on the art. Your basket wall hanging is going to be lovely. It isn't intentional, but I do seem to be on a blog vacation....hope to be struck by "inspiration" soon! Enjoy your summer and don't get stung.

Jo Ferguson said...

You're making great progress. I think a smaller sashing on your basket quilt, would look nice. Our honeysuckle is usually swarming with bees, this time of the year, but it's yet to bloom. Hopefully soon, now that the weather is kind of warming up.