Monday, June 23, 2014

Starting Summer

Golly, summer is half over!  :O  My list of summer 'must do's' is no where near half done.  Time for some drastic steps.  I am not going to turn the 'puter on until lunch time.  :{   A quick check to answer any e-mails and the morning is gone.  :[   Morning is definitely my most creative/productive time.  The new plan is to have a work through lunch.  Please excuse the crumbs.  Now I do the blogs I follow through blogger's dashboard blog roll.  Never a glitch since I started blogging and survived all the changes till today.  I fired it up and I only have ONE to view and none other.  View all doesn't work.  All the blogs are there and I can see the latest posts if I specifically hit on my regulars but...  Must be a sign!  :O

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Margaret said...

?How can summer be half over...if it just arrived (officially, that is) a few days ago?! I am in the same situation as you are re: Blogger. I have sent 3 (count 'em) feedback messages and complained publicly on Facebook. I have no clue what's going on. Have to click on each of the blogs I'm following and open each one to see if it's one I've read already or not. Sigh. Maybe that's why it seems like summer is 1/2 over when it's only just begun... ;-)