Wednesday, June 4, 2014

wow, what happened to the worktable?

I do try the KISS way of doing things.  I really do!  vbsigh  Let me share how I got to this photo.

May was very hectic due to weekly exploratory posts over on ...and then we set it on fire...!  I tackled the ambitious project of experimenting with Lutradur which was a new material to me.  Then I combined that with 12 x 12 inch pages themed mother and daughters which I put in a fabric memory box.   This was the prize winner for underestimating projects.  lol  Definitely worthwhile and I'll be finishing that all up.  But I made a horrendous mess in my Coop and Saucer Playroom.    I shut the door and went off to Winnipeg on Monday.  I planned a stop at my local Bernina dealer, Sew Inspiring, to pick up one small item that was amended to two before I even left.  As I was paying for them I overhead a conversation about Plexiglas inserts and a portable table.  That lead to purchase number three as I realized it was my birthday soon and this table opportunity had just fallen into my lap.  :) 

May's marathon helped me identify my priorities.  Mixed Media Art has seduced me away from my first luv, fabric.  I am missing my quilting.  Sew...

I have been thinking a lot about my passion.  What do I like to do and how do I do it???  And I do hope it doesn't turn out to be furniture moving!!!  ;~)

I want fabric and stitching to be in most of my work.  I like to stand to piece but to improve my MQing skills I need to sit and so does Nina.  I can indulge the messy stuff with dyeing/painting/stamping fabric as well as paper.  And journals can incorporate cloth. Really!  :)

Nina is a big girl and to shine at FMQing she needs to be down in a table.  I had the Rooster all convinced to remodel my traditional sewing cabinet which has the smaller opening when I saw this 'fidget' table at Elizabeth's store.  Look at all the work I'm saving the Rooster!!!  And the truth be told, I needed more leg room.

After trying to keep my lovely quilting surface as well as the new table I ended up folding the cabinet away and  butting up two old Ikea cupboards and an old wooden table to surround Nina.  The drawer even opens for some added elbow room.  It works.  I'll tweak the levels, order the Plexiglas insert, find a round stool and QUILT!  Nina will always be ready.

Mini is strutting her stuff from command central.  I cannot live without this cutting table.  I wish I could have it fully extended but the reality is I clutter half of it and only use the cleared part.  :(  Mini is near the wet area and can stitch a quick line.  She doesn't seem to flinch when I get to flinging paint like Nina did.  ;^)  She is set for quick piecing, ironing and fast runs to the design wall.  I did lose my ruler spot but I have also learned I am NOT a peg board girl so a shelf up there will hold my ruler stand.  The drop leaf extends over part of the MQing area and when I'm leaning on it, two plastic drawers nicely support the top.  They also store 'stuff'!  :}

Out of view and already filling the very back is all the stuff I need to find new spots for.  But, I have warned all my little playmates that if they don't fuel my passion and don't have a spot.....   SURELY, this has to be the last time for tweaking.  ahem, I am already eyeing up the fabric stash behind those curtains as fabric seems to be creeping over flat areas and gathering in corners because the shelves are quite stuffed.  Purge coming!  Well, I've purged to the minimum, maybe restacking will help!

Which brings me to the monthly wall hanging.  I am liking this commitment to myself.  May was a little harder to keep up with but I am finishing it up because Nina wants a crack at MQing it.  Her faster speed could help with the piecing but ya know, I'm learning to enjoy the process.  :)

June could beabout big wild pink roses but it is gonna be about pinkness, wee roses and bunnies!  I can't recall how I got the centre FQ's but they are kinda cute.  The two fabrics on the right are new and part of my reviving stash buying dilema.  Where are all these little critters coming from?  The left are oldies but goodies.  I want to feature the bunny motifs and I'll be thinking churn dash or ??? options while I finish up the May baskets.   I am liking the bigger wall hanging size and will be doing the dreaded math to figure out my design plan and size requirements.  I can't wait to chase bunnies after I get the baskets completed and the playroom all tweaked!

The applique block for DD#1's quilt was May basket but I didn't get to it.  It is a fairly complicated block with a woven basket.  But I'm not behind because I have this trapunto block finished and I was holding it in reserve.  :)  I might need to remove some stuffing though as it is quite distorted now that I'm actually looking at it.  hmmm  I need a rabbit or two to nibble on those flowers.  lol

I wonder what the rest of Canada is chasing this June? 


rtquilter said...

Oh, WOW elle! Lucky you!! Can I come and sew at your house? I work in the tiniest space possible and my Bernina sits on TOP of a little Ikea desk that used to be DD's. It works, but, OH my! I DO long for space to swing a cat ( if I had one! But if I did, I wouldn't!) Enjoy the luxury!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

great sewing space Elle!! Good to see you back to fabric too...LOL Since I am useless at anything besides that...hahaha

MarveLes Art Studios said...

i think you're going to love your 'fidget' table for Nina. but i could tell bernina a thing or two about how to build a "real woman" sewing table, and efficient to boot! xoxo enjoy your "new" space! {it's kinda a never ending battle!}

Jo Ferguson said...

I love your set up. I also love those bunny fabrics and I can't wait to see what you do with them.