Saturday, June 21, 2014

Goodbye spring - hello summer

Darn it! Another season gone.  But then there is a fresh new opportunity to start over again with a fresh start!

Blogging has been a time of discovery and just when I was starting to think I might be unique- wham.  Here I am in a pigeon hole!  lol

I don't do horoscopes but I do know that I am born under the Gemini sign.  I definitely relate because I am such a dichotomy!   I am impulsive but such a procrastinator.  :(

Once again I have a 'bright idea'!   I am trying to be a bit more moderate so I am trying to consider all the ramifications these 'bright ideas' entail.  I am gonna give it at least two seasons to percolate.  :O

Instead of working at cross purposes with myself,  (I didn't post the unflattering traits of the Gemini personality) ...

I am going to try and get these two aspects to move in lockstep!  LOL

The good news is that the Rooster is the next zodiac sign and summer is his season to crow!  

                                                                  Bring on Summer!

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Jo Ferguson said...

I don't follow my horoscope either, but I do know that, as a Sagittarius, I need to start focusing on where I shoot my arrows instead of firing them off in every direction. That might have actually made sense.