Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wow! The work table is flooded!

 It has been just pouring rain these last few days.  The sun is out  now so I hope I am not tempting fate with the open umbrella!  I have baskets on the table, a Noah's Ark quilt and some bunny fabric ideas. oops, I forgot about the Rooster's mending!  :(   I've no time for anything other than a flood of ideas!

This was the general idea for the basket quilt.  I will put the applique posies at the top.

The wall hanging should actually be a bit wider but I could trim the sides down if necessary.  The background of these baskets is a white on white print, a tone on tone.  I like them but this has been in the stash a long time and I remember why;  the print is painted on and a real pain to applique!  :{

But the narrower sashing is much better as it is less busy and doesn't overpower the baskets. And I want to see those darn painted flowers in the TOT fabric background.  ;)  I really kinda want to leave my focus fabric of polka dots in the quilt.  :}

I got a huge selection of bias tape at a thrift sale and was thinking of a vine with circles.  But I had an aha!  What if I did flower stems?

 Looking through my paper circles for a size I found this checkerboard circle.  Cute.  I'm sure I have some checkerboard fabric.  :)

These baskets are proving to be a very time consuming quilt!  My ark needs floating.

And my bunnies are wanting to get hopping!  Cutting the most bunnies that I can may mean doing these blocks on point.  :O

My camera sure doesn't like focusing on dots!  But I do think I have a plan for finishing!

I need to stop the flood that is washing away my time! vbsigh  But I do wonder what kinds of floods (ideas,  projects, fabrics, finished projects, mosquitoes, etc.) the gals on TN&TN are experiencing


Margaret said...

We could use some of that rain, elle. Apparently Southern Alberta doesn't want to send any north...but at least we aren't under a flood watch! Maybe you can lose the mending under a wave of fabric... ;-)

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

those baskets are so cute Elle...really going to be nice

Jenn @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge said...

Certainly lots going on in your studio this week! Hope the rain stops soon - though we could use some in NS. Our forest fire indexes are super high and it's only early June!

Jo Ferguson said...

You've had a productive week. I love the look of the thinner sashing strips and your flower idea is outstanding.
I think the rain was good for you and your garden. We finally got some much needed rain in NS. Yes I actually wrote "much needed rain".