Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Grey matters

Another grey day here in what is usually Sunny Manitoba.

With a self imposed restriction on computer start time and the fact that Blogger is having issues I feel like I am making hay even though the sun isn't shining!  LOL

I have another week before my Sketchbook Skool ends and I have been motoring along.

This was learning watercolour washes.  I did enjoy this.  Slowly is not my usual speed but I 'Got' it!

My video viewing is sometimes like watching the herky jerky so I kinda did something while I waited for the demo to finish.  You can learn lots from the pauses but it does raise the blood pressure.  vbsigh.  But the good news was that  the lesson was a download pdf file!  :)  But I have a couple of more classes to get through so it may wait.  This class had a definite time limit which may be good for us procrastinators. :O

What I have learned so far is that sketching isn't my Passion.  Mixed Media collage is and I can diddle, well, I guess doodle,  in my sketchbook journals and get ideas for my collages.  It will be a tool and will certainly improve and enhance my grey matter so I can more effectively create!  yay!!!!


Jo Vandermey said...

I think your "grey" matter must be pretty colourful!

Margaret said...

I'm with you on the sketching, elle; it's not my passion either...but I've found a book I have to work through that includes it...and so I go forth and join you on that journey. :-) We can clench our teeth together when the going gets tough.

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

These grey days are making me crazy! We have 30 days of rain apparently? We're all sitting around inside getting fat and grumbling to each other. ;P I can't wait to get out and walk and swim and behave like it's summer!

Happy Canada Day Elle!

Jo Ferguson said...

I refer to my sketching, as doodling, that way there are no expectations.