Monday, June 30, 2014

Party Aftermath

I wanted the title to be The Patiently Passionate Party Aftermath but that seemed a bit of a mouthful.

Sixty five is a significant number age wise .  Now that the party is over I shall pick a generic age and stay there.  50 sounds about right; young, but with some wisdom under ones belt!  lol  And for any who follow a church calendar, it is the year of Jubilee- when all the captives are set free.  Definitely applicable to my captive creative self.

I have been thinking a LOT about passion. Not so much when I was partying  but mostly when I was sitting on the lawnmower.   What makes for a passion in my creativity?  I think part of it is a mindset.  I am feeling to make some changes.  Usually I change before I think about all the ramifications but since I am now officially wiser, I'll take the rest of the year to ponder them.  But I'm a thinking that Holly Hobby is gonna look for a painting smock pattern and a beret!   lol

It was a great party!


What Comes Next? said...

Happy birthday Elle! Hope the coming years bring you lots of wonderful surprises!

Mary Ann Tate said...

Happy Birthday Elle!!!

I'll be matching you age wise come December. They tell me that's when I'll be grown up. Ha!

MarveLes Art Studios said...

Congrats my friend! Looking forward to more wisdom and a "counting it all joy" passion!

Jo Vandermey said...

Pick any age that seems right! Happy Birthday... I believe we should celebrate each day! enjoy.

Margaret said...

Glad you had a great celebration for your VIB (Very Important Birthday). May the rest of the year bring all your hoped-for creativity -- and the health to enjoy it!