Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Medium Day

 It took a bit to get to this place but I like it.  The assignment for our studio time was a paint chip.

My mix for the dark navy was kinda off but I wasn't thinking of showing too much.  The palette suggested a woodland floor so I slathered on fibre paste.

We mixed up various earth tones and put shelf liner leaf masks onto the background and splashed away.  I neglected to get  some of the process on camera but ithe spread just was too dark for me so I gessoed everything and began again.  I also twisted up some masking tape for twigs,

The leaf masks are in place and I also used a baby wipe to  lighten things even more.

The leaf shapes are kinda soft but I also stamped some leaves on. I splattered some almost navy drops.  I want to use those leaf masks on a follow up layout.  yum!

I splattered and I stenciled on a word. It bothered me that the navy was almost a no show so I found some paper.  I also added some wee dots of gold Stickles that one can discover as one looks close...  

I did discover that a medium kind of day can lead to discovering something special!!!


Margaret said...

I admit a fascination. I have no interest in taking such trouble for 2 paper pages, but I admire your work!

Seth said...

Love that background!

Beth said...

clever and well executed