Saturday, October 24, 2015

Balls in the air!

I am really appreciating the benefits of focusing on Monday's visual.  It is definitely working for me as I see what I hoped to accomplish!

Voting done!  I'm liking the feeling of optimism I am picking up from everyone.  I hope it never gets dropped again.

The mixed media ball is developing a solid feeling as it passes through my hand.  

Perhaps with this momentum I can get the sewing added to the routine a bit better.  Truth to tell the media flinging has created a bit of mess that I need to get contained within the wet boundaries.  EEK! Something to work on for next week!  ;^)

The fibre art/hand stitching was set aside as the Rooster has me helping him in the evenings.  Hopefully he'll be getting busy on his off season hobbies so we can be inside after supper and he can do his thing and I can do mine! 

Art 101 is coming together solidly.  I found a good web site that connects ideally with my focus book.  This means better time management because I am not going to be reinventing the wheel 'so to speak' all the time.  :}  A quick review of colours and then we can transition nicely into the five basic elements of shapes. 

The kids like their books and I shall release even more creative/designer license as they 'get' the idea of page layouts.  I, myself, am quite pleased that we are staying up to date and should have a great progression of this school year.  I do hope we don't run out of room!  eek!

The home decor for this week definitely has propelled my focus into a higher throw!   Purple has always been my inspiration for fall.  That and the yellow gold.   The shower curtain is a favourite but how to tie it into the aqua bathroom had me looking for more purple accessories.  I don't have lots of purple but it sure inspired some creative ideas for the rest of the fall decor plan.  I am really excited for the rest of the season reveals!!!

So not quite as smooth as previously.  A little herky jerky in passing the balls but perhaps that is just a got reminder not to get too cocky one's abilities.  ;^)


Createology said...

You are becoming quite the excellent juggler my dear. Pretty soon I will be seeing you juggling while riding a unicycle. lol Love how the Littles are doing with their art books. Purple is quite the regal color and I believe it goes really well with Fall colors. Creative Bliss Dear...

Beth said...

I love the shower curtain. When my son was born 44 years ago, I made him a baby quilt in lavender and browns. Great color combo!

Margaret said...

I too like your shower curtain. I would leave it up all year 'round if it suited my BR...then again, I tend not to be a 'seasonal' decor person. With the exception of Christmas decorations, what's "up" is "up" all year 'round... :-) Have fun!