Tuesday, October 6, 2015

First Kit

One Christmas I persuaded the Rooster to give me a fabric kit.  I'm not sure when that was nor am I sure that it came with a pattern.  The fabrics were all woven, mostly plaids.

I really liked them and actually made a quilt that I machine quilted and used on our bed.  It has faded somewhat over time.

I struggled to find a good layout and learned my first lesson about coordinated fabrics.  There will never be a WOW factor if you only use the kit.  It needs a spark to make it come alive.  The gal who was teaching us the sampler course helped me audition some fabrics and this wild  yellow/orange mottled fabric waved wildly.  I was amazed by what it brought to the quilt table.  This was way before Bali's became popular and probably started my luv affair with orange!

When I joined the Working in a Series project,  I chose the square in a square block. First step is to make a traditional quilt using the block.  Gee, I should have remembered this quilt instead of reinventing the wheel.  :^P  As I've been looking for treasures I was reminded that I'm even using a kit of coordinating fabrics. Sheesh!

But I'm encouraged because I also found a wonky square in a square quilt that I 'designed' myself.  :)

I have the beginning and the future!  Time to get busy on all the middle quilts and see where this all ends! 


Vicki W said...

I love both of your quilts!

Createology said...

What fun to re-visit your previous quilts and see them with current eyes. Looks like you have some sewing to do now.

Nita said...

Youve come full circle (er....full squrare?)

Jo Ferguson said...

They're all great quilts. Love the wonky square.