Wednesday, November 4, 2015

When work is play

This week's colour palette challenge.

First let me back up.  This is our ninth day with no sun.  Kinda tough on us as we are 'Sunny Manitoba'.  :O   I have also been doing a few darker palettes the last two weeks so it was time to change things up.  But first...

When my gal comes we do some work.  We start with a drawing warm up and I decided to do mine with a dip pen because I want to incorporate the ink into my art more frequently.  Gee, I wonder where one gets blotter paper???   It is all coming back to me.  lol  Then we are to do a self portrait every time.  Joshua took this photo of me on our trip.  My eyes are kinda closed and it looks like it could be doable.  In fact, I have found a good reason to be thankful that I don't have lips.  ;^)   Anyhoo, it can only get better. :)  Speaking of eyes closed,  this class is all about the blind leading the blind.  And actually we kinda learn from each other!  :)

Then keeping with dry we worked on our own version of the grand kiddies smash books.  I am finally going to document the trip I took to NYC back in 2013.  It was actually work related and was a 5 day conference.  I have a drawer full of stuff and I don't remember if I chose the orange book specifically but purple and orange are the theme colours.  I was so tickled when the page I worked on fitted so nicely alongside the orange trim on the cardboard starter page.   I'm reading about synchronicity in the Artist's Way and the big purple paint chip was right handy! 

After lunch we tackled the wet stuff and the challenge.  I was still into scrap booking paper and  chose a clean page.

 We kinda felt like these colours were tropical.  I matched papers while my partner mixed up custom colours.  Nice, huh!   I picked a travel paper for the brown rather than go for the beach scene.  

 I'm starting to feel somewhat comfortable with the whole arting process. 

No multiples this time but I did use up gel medium and paint on some tags and an envelope.   Nothing too taxing just a fun playtime.  A little away time if you like!  A gal can't be working ALL the time. 


Jo Vandermey said...

It's kind of like when we were kids we worked at play or played at work!
Looks like a fun day. I went to my stitch day. It is always fun.

Jo Ferguson said...

Fun is good. I love how your pages worked out.

Frances Arnold said...

How fun to have someone to create with!!!

Margaret said...

Gotta love all that colour! Today is our first day with sun since before Hallowe'en, so I understand. I love the idea of your smash books...and am happy to watch you do the paperwork! :-)