Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A path for the Wanderlust

Well, I lost sight of the path to Wanderlust when I was putting away all the paper and stencils in preparation for playing with mixed media this morning.   Mind you, we are experiencing a big white snowfall so paths really are disappearing.  lol

I pulled the white curtain back that hides the fabric stash before putting my new rolling cart back into that corner.  Eek!  I decided to tackle the fabric shelves because in the original reshuffle I'd just jammed things in.  One thing led to another and I got into shopping mode because good ideas were happening and I could see a good and general long range pathway.

The good news is that I shopped the stash as I reshuffled some old projects.  I doubt I will even need to do much actual shopping. ha!  But it also helped with this week's goal to identify which old UFO's I don't have any interest in finishing.  It also will save me time in the long run as I revive the patiently waiting sewing and fibre art list. :)

I found some fabric I'd bought for a winter fibre art jacket.  This totally changed my thoughts for the hallway wall hanging.  This will be better.  And totally saved me from going down a rabbit hole.  I am a visual person and when I lay things out and walk from room to room and view the groupings I can see what works and what doesn't.  I'd lost my focus and KISS motto!

Hallways are kinda important to get somewhat right because the other rooms lead off of them.  So aqua is the base for the hallway's various seasons but not the base colour for the other rooms.   Nothing like making things complicated!  lol  This isn't fixed in stone but hopefully I won't cut up something that is essential to 'The Plan'.  ;^)

Keeping true to KISS means that not every room and every flat surface needs a quilt however small.  kiss!!!   :{  But the sitting room does need lap quilts and sets the tone for pillows in the nearby front room.

And while the basket quilt in toile fabrics that I have had on my to-do list forever made the cut,  I will be sure to update some of the fabrics.

  I want to remember to save enough of this Bali for a pillow though!  I expect my pink transferware will always stay in the china cabinet in the front room so pink will figure in somehow.

My hall area rug is the colour theme for upstairs.  I bought it with my first earnings and I've not been sorry.
The up hall will have a wallhanging and a pillow but again, it has four doorways off it.  It also has a bit of a different feel than the more public rooms downstairs.   This plan needs more thinking but the snow has stopped so I need to shovel all this back into place, label the shoe boxes, and clear the art room for the rest of the week.  Its been fun though! 


Beth said...

I don't know about you but I'm exhausted just reading this. Man you must have tons of energy.

Createology said...

Elle dear you do have a good plan and I like how you shopped your stash. I see some fabulous fabrics and colors and designs for your spaces. KISS is the mantra...

Margaret said...

What Beth said!!